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Animals Category ~ Find the Member Quiz (part 1)

This is a find a word game. 

I gathered 25 members and entered them into a random number generator. These are the first 10 that came up. 

All you have to do is find where the name of the active user is hidden.

 They have to have posted in the last 15 days in the Animals Catergory on Virily!

Note: The information for this quiz was taken in the last few days, and so were the photos. 

Photographs of Lake Hodges, Escondido, CA 2018

Good Luck and Have a Great DAY! πŸ˜€ 

  • Question /

    This hint is hidden ____, it is _______. Fill in the blanks.

    • In the sky, it is natalie!
    • In the green back round, it is Best Article!
    • It is on the flower, it is marija64!
    • It is in the green leaves of the flower, it is Rex Trulove!
  • Question /

    This is _______. The name is hidden _______.

    • marija64, sky
    • Branka Drobnjak, on the hills.
    • Rex Trulove, in the water.
    • Fifi Leigh, in the foreground.
  • Question /

    This is _______, the hint is __________.

    • On the dog, it is Ashley
    • On the foreground, it’s Alibb
    • In the lake, it’s Albert Herdianto Widjojo.
    • In the sky. it is Best Article.
  • Question /

    Where is this hint located? Who is this?

    • On the left. Rex Trulove.
    • In the water. Best Article.
    • On the top. natalie.
    • On the bottom. Branka Drobnjak
  • Question /

    Who is this? Where is the hint?

    • Alibb. In the root system.
    • Branka Drobnjak. In the tree.
    • Ashley, on the hill.
    • Albert Herdianto Widjojo. In the sky.
  • Question /

    Who is this? Where is this hint?

    • It’s Alibb. On the top in the tree.
    • It’s Rex Trulove, and on the hill.
    • Marija64, in the sky!
    • Albert Herdianto Widjojo. On the foreground at the bottom!
  • Question /

    Where is this hint? Who is it?

    • In that far away hill/mountain. It is Luna.
    • On the lake shoreline. It is Albert Herdianto Widjojo.
    • On the dog and it’s Alibb!
    • On the foreground and it’s Rex Trulove.
  • Question /

    This one is ________ and the hint is hidden what colored font?

    • This one is natalie, the font is in blue.
    • It’s Mavic123456, the font is in brown.
    • It’s Alibb, the font is in green.
    • It’s Rex Trulove, and the font is in grey.
  • Question /

    This is _____. The hint is hidden in what part of the tree?

    • It’s Best Article. The hint is in the leaves.
    • It’s Alibb. The hint is in the top branches.
    • It’s Branka Drobnjak. The hint is in the middle of the tree’s trunk.
    • It’s Mavic123456. The hint is in the root system.
  • Question /

    The last one is _________. The name is hidden _____.

    • natalie. On the boat ramp.
    • natalie. On the far bank.
    • natalie. In the water.
    • natalie. On the very bottom.


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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