American Studies Quiz: Part 5

This is my 5th quiz in the USA series that provides you with information on everything you need to know about American culture – history, people, key events, geography, education, health, legislation, politics, entertainment, society and economy. Do enjoy this quiz on America, and please leave your score, upvote and comments, afterwards. Thanks.

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  • Which United States’ foreign policy, proclaimed (in 1823), that: “European countries could no longer colonize anywhere on the American continent”?

    • The Jackson Doctrine
    • The Jefferson Doctrine
    • The Lincoln Doctrine
    • The Monroe Doctrine
  • What is the capital city of the US State of Delaware (DE)?

    • Dover
    • Manchester
    • New London
    • Wilmington
  • Which state has the lowest percentage of non-religious people; (with as little as 6% of its residents, having no religious beliefs)?

    • Alabama
    • Virginia
    • Vermont
    • Connecticut
  • Which term, and image, is a national personification of the United States, and its government; and was first used during the War of 1812?

    • The White House
    • Uncle Sam
    • Columbia
    • Statue of Liberty
  • What the name given to the period in America that followed after the spectacular Wall Street Crash?

    • The Great Depression
    • The New Deal
    • The Reconstruction Period
    • The Roaring Twenties
  • During the founding of the United States; which religious group established the US region of Pennsylvania?

    • Catholics
    • Pilgrim Fathers
    • Puritans
    • Quakers
  • In 1830s, US Congress enforced treaties that removed many Native Americans nations from their lands in the US Southeast; for this to be occupied by white settlers; resulting in thousands of deaths. What were these relocations, commonly known as?

    • The Reconstruction Period
    • The Great Migration
    • The Trail of Tears
    • The Manifest Destiny
  • In which year was the US national anthem, the “Star Spangled Banner” written (during a war) to celebrate the American army’s success in repelling the British army at Baltimore?

    • 1776
    • 1814
    • 1830
    • 1863
  • What is the iconic feminine personification of the United States; popularised during the American Revolutionary War in 1776 – and is still used today?

    • Columbia
    • Uncle Sam
    • The White House
    • Statue of Liberty
  • Which state has the highest percentage of non-religious people; (with as many as 34% of its residents saying that they have no religious beliefs)?

    • California
    • New York
    • Vermont
    • Virginia

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