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Interesting facts about Macedonia

Macedonia is small, less known country on the Balkans. It used to form part of Yugoslavia. However, the independent country of Macedonia is a quite new country with huge history and amazing people. I am glad and proud to let you know ten facts about my home country you may never heard about.

1. Macedonia is the only country of all the former Yigoslav countries that declared independence without war but rather on a peaceful and friendly way.

2. In 2002 the “World Almanac’s editor” declared the Macedonian flag as the second most beautiful in the world.

3. The first Slavic school was opend in Ohrid, Macedonia by Saint Climent.

4. Macedonia is the home country of Mother Tereza who was born in the capital city of Skopje.

5. Macedonia is the first country in the world with full access to wireless.

6. The Macedonian opium is among the best ones in the world with 14 morphine units in comparison with China (8), India (7) and Turkey (6).

7. The Macedonian ethnical mixture was the reason for the name of the fruit salad called “Macedonia” in Spain, Italy, France and South America.

8. The Macedonians use the sidewalks as a parking place, do not ever be surpriced if you visit it and notice this.

9. There are no dractional denominations for the Macedonian currency, denar. There used to exist deni which are no longer in use. 

10. The Greeks call the Macedonians with the name Skopja as they claim there exist only one Macedonia which belonds to them; it forms part of their territory.


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  1. Yes leave it to the Greeks to claim Macedonia as their own. But one thing I learned was that Mother Theresa came from Macedonia. I always thought she was an Hindu. Also I would have foregone talking about opium… but to each his own. Macedonia seems to be a gorgeous country from the picture above, although I do not fancy walking on their sidewalks what with the cars all line up on them. Very nice presentation.

    • Yes, Mother Tereza is Macedonia, however she has Albanian origins. But she was born and raised in Skopje. Nowadays there is an amazing museum about her and her work on the exact place where she used to live, in the city center. I´m glad you liked my post. I won´t say anything about the Greeks 😀

  2. Wonderful country, they want to change their name … unfortunately. Now confrontation with the political crisis, because the government wants an agreement with the Greek name to be successful, and the opposition does not want it. If they do not agree, there will be early parliamentary elections. This is not good for the country’s economy, which is very weak.

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