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The American Quiz (Part 4)

This is my 4th quiz in the USA series. Do enjoy this quiz on American Studies, and please leave your score, upvote and comments, afterwards. Thanks.

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  • Which decade in modern U.S. history, saw the longest national economic expansion and the most rapid growth in the personal wealth of Americans?

    • The 2000s
    • The 1990s
    • The 1970s
    • The 1980s
  • Which European country colonized Mississippi, during USA’s colonial past; and whose cultural influences are still present in the cities and towns of the area?

    • Britain
    • France
    • Holland
    • Spain
  • Which region of the United States is known, as “the Bible Belt”; because of its evangelical Protestant culture; high church attendance and socially conservative Christian attitudes?

    • North-Eastern United States
    • Mid-West and Great Lakes
    • Southern United States
    • Western United States
  • What is the capital city of the US State of Connecticut?

    • Stamford
    • Hartford
    • Bridgeport
    • New London
  • What is the unique name of the cultural group of Spaniards who live in the State of Texas; whose ancestors first settled in the region, in the late 1600s?

    • Espanos
    • Hombres
    • Tejanos
    • Tespanos
  • Which nationality was the explorer and cartographer, Amerigo Vespucci, in whose honour the lands of the Western Hemisphere was named, “America”?

    • Italian
    • Mexican
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
  • Which year did the U.S. enter into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico?

    • 1990
    • 1994
    • 1998
    • 2004
  • In which present-day US State was the native American Indian nation, the Iroquois League of Nations, based from the mid-15th century, to the late 19th century?

    • Virginia
    • Texas
    • New York
    • California
  • During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which prominent American tycoon was a leading banker in the United States economy?

    • Andrew Carnegie
    • John D. Rockefeller
    • J. P. Morgan
    • Cornelius Vanderbilt
  • What is the capital city of the US State of Alabama?

    • Montgomery
    • Birmingham
    • San Juan
    • Atlanta
  • Which area in New York City was a major gateway for European immigration in the late 19th century and early 20th century?

    • Ellis Island
    • Staten Island
    • Manhattan Island
    • Long Island
  • Which group of US settlers (immigrants) developed the regional US cultures of the Appalachia; Upland South, West Texas and the U.S. South-West?

    • English Cavaliers and their servants who migrated to the US between 1640 and 1675.
    • English and Welsh Quakers who settled in Delaware between 1675 and 1725.
    • Irish, English and Scottish settlers who migrated to the US between 1717 and 1775.
    • English Puritans from East Anglia who migrated to the US between 1629 and 1640.

What do you think?

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  1. 9/12 – but I take issue with you over Amerigo Vespucci! When was a country ever named after a first name as opposed to a surname? If the Vespucci idea is correct, America would be Vespuccia! The truth is that the continent was named in honour of a Bristol-based Welsh merchant named Richard Ap Meryk, who financed the expeditions of John Cabot.

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