American Studies USA, ‘In Search of America’: Quiz – No.2

Let’s go in search of America. The world currently lives in the new Age of ‘America First’, as defined by US President Trump, and his ‘Trumpism’ doctrine. This is the 2nd quiz in my American Studies USA series. Hope you enjoy this quiz. Please do leave your score/comments, afterwards. And share with friends too. Thanks.

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    Which European country colonized Virginia, Connecticut, and most of the US East Coast for a long period of time; during USA’s colonial past?

    • Holland
    • Spain
    • Britain
    • France
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    In which year was the United Nations Headquarters, built in Midtown Manhattan, New York City?

    • 1946
    • 1952
    • 1966
    • 1972
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    What is the capital city of the US State of California?

    • Los Angeles
    • Sacramento
    • San Diego
    • San Francisco
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    Which army side started the American Civil War by attacking Fort Sumter, thereby firing the first bullets in the most deadly of US wars?

    • The Northern Unionists army
    • The Southern Confederacy army
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    The OSCARS, which is a most popular American Awards in Entertainment, has been held annually, since 1929, by which organisation?

    • The Academy of Hollywood Films
    • The American Film Institute (AFI)
    • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    • The Golden Globe Academy Institute
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    The Village Voice is a very popular weekly newspaper, that is mainly circulated within which US city?

    • Atlanta
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
    • New York City
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    Between 1800, to the mid-1840s, many millions of Americans were converted to evangelical Protestantism. This led to major social reforms. What was this evangelical period called?

    • The Great Awakening
    • The Second Great Awakening
    • The Reconstruction Period
    • The Trail of Tears
  • Question of

    Which American President introduced the complex missile defense system, known as; the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also popularly called: the “Star Wars” Program?

    • President Bill Clinton
    • President Ronald Reagan
    • President Jimmy Carter
    • President Gerald Ford
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    Which prominent American tycoon famously led the US petroleum industry, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

    • Andrew Carnegie
    • J. P. Morgan
    • John D. Rockefeller
    • Thomas Edision
  • Question of

    In which year, did the United States (and most of Europe) enter the longest post–World War II recession; and the worst financial crisis, since the Great Depression?

    • September 2006
    • September 2007
    • September 2008
    • September 2009
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    In which year, did the US Congress give all American women the right to vote; by enacting the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution (after a prolonged women’s suffrage movement)?

    • 1899
    • 1909
    • 1919
    • 1929
  • Question of

    Which U.S. citizen most recently won the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 2016?

    • Alice Walker
    • Bob Dylan
    • John Steinbeck
    • William Faulkner


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Written by Daniel Obiago

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