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Amble Through the Amazing State of Alaska

Breathtaking, rugged, thrilling, and even dangerous have been used to describe the geography, people, and cultures in Alaska. A visit to the state inevitably offers memorable experiences. Perhaps a moose strolling through streets beside a mall in one of the major cities will give you a surprise that makes you smile (but be careful!), or maybe watching a mother and baby caribou heroically swimming across a wide, furious expanse of the Kenai River will take your breath away (yes, they made it!).

In Alaska, there’s no telling what will happen next. Up for some volcanic action or possibly a bit of earthquake activity? This, then, is the place for you, but all that gives plenty of people pause for thought before deciding to visit or move there. Still, pictures simply can’t do the landscape and people justice. They only give us, well, part of the picture.

The more you know, the more you want to know about The Last Frontier. Use this quiz to refresh your memory if you’ve visited there or to learn about the place that most want to visit whether they ever actually do it or just dream of it. Have fun and let us know in the comments below which category you are in.

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    Alaska is often referred to as the Great State of Alaska because…

    • It is the largest state in the US.
    • It’s landscape and cultures are considered larger than life.
    • It has magnificent oil fields.
    • All of the above.
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    True to the state’s legendary pluckiness, Alaska’s state motto is…

    • North to Alaska.
    • North to the future.
    • North to the shore.
    • North to the lights.
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    Alaska’s state flag represents…

    • The big dipper and Polaris.
    • Gold stars on a blue background.
    • A bear and the state flower.
    • All of the above.
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    Among it’s beautiful plants, Alaska’s state flower is the…

    • Forget-me-not.
    • Lupine.
    • Fireweed.
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    Of all the impressive animals there, the Alaskan state mammal is the…

    • Bear.
    • Moose.
    • Wolf.
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    Considered the most valuable tree in Alaska the state tree is…

    • Sitka spruce.
    • Mountain hemlock.
    • Scouler willow.
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    Alaska’s state bird is the…

    • Tundra Swan
    • Ptarmigan
    • Auk
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    Alaska’s inland water is…

    • Completely connected by rivers.
    • All salt water.
    • More than any other state.
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    The entire coastline of Alaska is…

    • More than all of the combined United State’s.
    • Always frozen.
    • On the Pacific Ocean.
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    The state’s largest lake, Lake Iliamna, is…

    • Almost as large as Texas’s desert land.
    • About the size of the state of Connecticut.
    • Nearly half as large as California.
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    Alaska has enacted legislation regarding giving moose beer.

    • True
    • False
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    The highest temperature ever recorded in Alaska is…

    • 88º in 1899.
    • 95º in 1903.
    • 100º in 1915.
  • Question of

    Which of the following grew in Alaska because of its rich soil?

    • 35 pound broccoli.
    • 65 pound cantaloupe.
    • 138 pound cabbage.
    • All of the above.
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    The longest night in Alaska lasts…

    • 67 days.
    • 75 days.
    • Half a year.


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  1. One of the reasons for the giant cabbage and stuff from Fairbanks is the photosynthesis boost factor. The long days have them basking in the sun for as long as twenty hours a day.
    I got 7 of 14 but I was sloppy and missed some “all of the above” by checking the first answer. When I visited there I saw some ginormous veggies and they looked a bit surreal.

    • Yes, the long summer days seem to make up for a short growing season in a magnificent manner! I’m already thinking that the all of above might not be the best option for creating quizzes in this online setting where people are moving quickly through the posts they choose to look at. Thanks for the feedback on this quiz!

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