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Amazing Facts Of Eggs

Some animals give birth to live young ones. Others happen to lay eggs. While some brood on them for a number of days, others just lay the eggs and move on with life.

Here is an insight into what an egg is. Just enjoy on.

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    What is balut?

    • Food made from a duck’s eggs
    • Food made from chicken eggs
    • Hatched duck’s eggs.
    • Hatched chicken eggs
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    If you hold three eggs, one held between two end to end. What will happen?

    • The eggs will break
    • The middle egg will spin
    • The three eggs will emerge together.
    • The eggs will go bad
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    How long does a duck incubate the eggs before they hatch

    • 14 days
    • 28 days
    • 21 days
    • 25 days
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    When a bird lays its eggs, the eggs are…

    • Hard
    • Dry
    • Soft
    • Boiled
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    If you put bad and good eggs in water, what will happen?

    • They will sink
    • They will float
    • They will sink and float
    • They will absorb water
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    Crashed egg’s shells should be fed to…

    • Layers
    • Chicks
    • Broilers
    • Cockerels
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    Which egg of the birds shown below has the most nutritional value?

    • Hen
    • Duck
    • Whale
    • Quail
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    One large egg will produce approximately…calories

    • 225
    • 75
    • 95
    • 60


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