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African Quiz: What did the writer imply?

There seems to be an African way of speaking English that needs interpretation. The words phrases need interpretation. Guess the interpretation. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    Kill the legs

    • Maim the legs
    • Stop in your movement
    • Slow down
    • Increase the pace
  • Question of

    To go into tears

    • To weep
    • To go to a funeral
    • To pretend you are crying
    • To avoid crying
  • Question of

    Talking about oneself

    • Pride
    • Love
    • Honesty
    • Giving your CV
  • Question of

    Air the rags

    • Air torn clothes
    • Air shreds
    • Air useless things
    • Air beddings
  • Question of

    To be in the

    • Relaxing
    • Dead
    • Asleep
    • In a meeting mood
  • Question of

    She has eaten beans

    • Is constipated
    • To have diarrrhoea
    • To be pregnant
    • To be satisfied
  • Question of

    To eat too much salt

    • To be dehydrated
    • To be satisfied
    • To be crippled
    • To be aged
  • Question of

    To wash your hands clean

    • To cultivate your manners
    • Mere washing of hands
    • Become great
    • To outgrow your age


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