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WOW! See How You Can Get An Amazing VIRILY Icon Like THIS Above Your Own Articles, Now

You get this raging fire icon when the views on the post are 1000 views

Was it the banner Photograph that produced the clicks? was it the contents of the video? was the secret sauce in the headline: “Abandoned Grand Castle Hotel – Closed Overnight (everything left)”

Was the real secret found inside the text? Perhaps it’s been hiding in there, somewhere all the time…

Maybe it’s all of the above.

Why have so many people visited this particular post? well, one thing is certain, it had nothing at all to do with LUCK!!!

Whatever I did, it took only 19 days to achieve

With limited earning resources due to being quarantined, many of us have mainly the Internet to enable us to earn some survival money and while I’m well aware, since some writers here on Virily so frequently remind the majority of us, that they don’t actually NEED the $10, cash, and are writing for fun, etc., If, you are like me and really need every cent of the cash you can earn here, and want to understand and apply the full power of the Internet, this post is for you.

So, to take your own articles to a higher level, and possibly featuring that RAGING FIRE ICON too, which says your post has earned well here on Virily.

This is what I want to share with you.

To start, I want you to revisit the post, here:


* after reading the contents,

* watching the video

* and leaving this comment: Yes I would like to know how to get more views”.

This is important, as I will select only the names in my remarks area who have done all of the above and provide them with a link to my  offline training


Revisit the article, check the video, and comment below it.


I will share all the step by step things to do!

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    • Thank you, Trenna, I just applied some incredible steps and strategies,(All free) of course which two British guys have taught about what exactly needs to be done to get results like this. As Doc Anderson pointed out to me, that, we have less than 100 writers active on Virily right now so, I had to be doing something different. CarolDM says she has received some a few times. It is highly technical what takes place but the work involved is not rocket science and once understood, anyone can do it. If there are enough people interested, I will teach it on my YouTube channel, (Video)


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