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Wow, One Step Closer

Why not just come right out and say it?  I have found several versions. Gaan weg! Zhduku! Largohuni! ሂድ!  ሂጂ! Fara n na sa!

A site doesn’t exist without content.  You can choose to ignore any content you feel unworthy or excessive.  Simply don’t open it, don’t read it. Make certain that no revenue comes in because that will help your cause?

Do I feel vindicated (show or prove to be right, reasonable, or justified)? No. Do I feel attacked and underappreciated, yes. Does any of it really matter? It does to some. I celebrate her life by digging through her writings and her journals and publishing. I honor her. I made a vow that she would not die in vain. If I love her too much, so be it. If that makes me a bad person, bring it on. 

Others have lost love ones and mentioned them in posts often, but because I write for her, in honor of her, and in memory of her, I write too much.

When Virily puts a limit on posting then the problem will be solved. We will all have limits. Until then I will write, adjust and publish as I see fit. It has been my desire to be respectful and thoughtful on this site. I view, comment and share your posts as well. I work hard for you. Your’re Welcome.

  • Did the orginal question disappear?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you consider why they write?

    • Yes
    • No
  • One more time because I can’t tell if it’s there, do you ever consider why they write?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I wish we could wipe away the pain of loss. It becomes a part of us that will not be quiet. I find myself talking to my father, talking to my grandfather often. Asking them the questions I can’t seem to bring together.

    I know your sister is a tribute you share with the rest of us. Thank you for that!

  2. I am sorry about your sister. I must have missed this notice dear. Life seems cruel many times, but I have learned that everything on this earth is a lesson to help us grow closer to God. I am a better person due to my many trials. I am more patient, and understanding than if I had never went through such ordeals. It is hard, but you can become a stronger person.

    • I did a check online about “swore at” or “swear at” (I assume its the past tensed of this word) … and I don’t think its a nice way to react.

      If someone were to swear at my late family members. I’ll be really really angry and hurt.

      • You didn;t understand what I wrote but i can’t explain you now… I wasn’t swear at them but on Her- the author of this text…! After all of her attack on me… It was long ago…! I’m telling you she is speaking some things not normal and not true, you don’t understand……!!!

        • Perhaps I’ve misunderstood what you meant… I just thought it wasn’t nice if what I assume happened, because just thinking about it makes me sad … but of course, you said it was my misunderstanding and I believe you.

          I don’t understand what happened between you and her … and I think I shouldn’t get involved … at the same time I do not want to judge.

        • because I never even mentioned your sister nor did know you had one!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was quarreling with YOU – not your sister like you said, and what I said I said ONLY to YOU – and NOT your sister who, repeat, didn’t even know you had!!!!!!!!
          i will certainly leave you alone, don’t want to have anything with a person who imagines abnormal things!!!!!!!!

      • She said I had a quarreled with her dead sister instead with her – Ghostwriter, and that she – Ghostwriter never quarreled with me.
        Like I said I had a quarrel with Ghostwriter who started the quarrel.

        Just forget it, you don’t know anything about it…..

      • I don’t know where did you read that I swore at her dead family………!!! I said I swore at Ghostwriter! We had a quarrel and she is saying she never had a quarrel with me and that I had a quarrel with her dead sister, and some other abnormal things……..! Understand now….?!?

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