Winter Wonderland? So NOT on My Bucket List!

I love a winter wonderland.  Don’t you?  I mean … I love it in art or photography.  Just show me a beautiful painting or a lovely photograph.  I love it!

But to live in a place where there is a harsh winter?  I don’t care how beautiful the place is … No Way!!

I lived for almost 8 years in Maryland USA and that was enough snow to last me for the rest of my life!

People always talk about making a bucket list of Places to Visit.  I have such a list.  But this quick post is about places that are So NOT on My Bucket List!  Three places are U.S. states and one place is a U.S. City.  Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, and Chicago!

I’m a South Florida girl and I never got used to the cold!

However, there are winter photographs of these places that are very enchanting.

Why not Wyoming?

People who make movies use Wyoming to create the scenery “as if” it’s SIBERIA!!  Geneticists say they found DNA evidence which indicates that many of the Native Americans in North America once lived in Siberia.  I’m like:  “No duh!  A place where a winter’s day gets as cold as -47 degrees Fahrenheit.  I would have moved too!”

Why not Montana?

Uuhh … if Wyoming = Siberia, then Montana is the alternate choice.

♦  Why not Alaska?

They say the nights are 6 months long and you moose is on the menu for the entire 6 months!  Maybe what “they say” isn’t true.  But I’m already convinced to stay away!

Why not Chicago?

One of my brothers moved away from Miami, Florida to go live and work in Chicago.  To this day, I have never been convinced that he didn’t lose his mind!  LOL.

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    How do you enjoy your winter wonderland?

    • I love winter scenery in art and photography.
    • I love real winter! Snowmen, snow angels, snow falling, snowball fights, etc.
    • I love both!
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    Do you have a “So NOT on My Bucket List” list?

    • Yes
    • No


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