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Wild Turkey Visit

Last year I had turkeys visit my backyard, right at my fence line. Since we have had new homes constructed where they used to live, I suppose they are confused. They still visit from time to time. The photo above is of a female walking around behind my house.

I heard one yesterday gobbling, and I tried finding it. Funny, there was a female laying right up against my fence. I snapped a photo (below) and it did not seem to disturb her at all. Kind of cool. But kind of sad that they seem to have lost their home. 

Photos ©CarolDM2019

She could have been laying on a nest. I need to go back and check. Never did see the male gobbler.

Remember these rules if turkeys visit you:

  • A turkey considers a car to be less of a threat than a walking human. When turkeys stand near roads, slow down and don’t honk your horn. A frightened wild turkey may fly up and crash through your windshield, causing damage and probable injury.
  • Don’t feed turkeys in your backyard. This makes them return for easy meals.
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Written by Carol DM

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    • Easy to tell the male (gobbler) has the red beard you cannot miss. Males boast dark iridescent plumage; large, fanning tails; prominent snoods; and wattles. They make gobbles and other mating calls. Females, or hens, are smaller, with duller plumage and less prominent features.


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