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Which universe secret was discovered on your birthday?

NASA’s most successful astronomical telescope in human history has completed 30 years in search of  important objects of universe secrets. Rotating in orbit around the Earth, this magnificent telescope reveals these sights of space and has greatly enhanced our knowledge. Now that its entire database is in place, you can visualize how important Hubble discovered on your birthday.

The size of Hubble is the same as a school bus that rotates around the Earth at a speed of 27 thousand kilometers per hour. Earth’s atmosphere, cloud and pollution-free telescope has so far discovered 14 million Observations, many major stars, planets, galaxies.

Hubble can examine the farthest points of the universe and even discover the extraordinary 13 billion light years away. Hubble was busy 365 days a year, every day and every hour, doing some research. It has now full database of 365 days of a year.

Similarly NASA has created an interesting website on Hubble’s 30th birthday. Through which individuals up to 30 years of age can register their date of birth and year, to know what was discovered on the same day as the by Hubble. That way you can add another important heavenly event to your birthday.

You can find Hubble’s discovery on every date. There is also a space for more information. You can find out more about this discovery by clicking on it.

Hubble Link – Click Here 

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