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Which country has the most furious drivers in the world?

Drivers driving in every country of the world have their own mood, Some of them are very furious, and many are quite the opposite to it. Driving on the roads of any country is a matter of great skill, because the driver not only has to protect himself from the accident but he also has to obey the traffic rule.

A British company supplying spare parts to the world releases a global survey every year. this company categorized by examining road accidents and city conflicts , roads conflicts in all the smaller or big cities and driver behaviors.

Mongolia’s capital, Olan Border, was ranked as the worst city in the rankings of 100 major cities released by Mr Auto.  According to the ranking released by Mr Auto, ranking as under.

1. Mnagolia Capital, Olan border driver ranked worst furious.

2. Russian Capital Moscow Drivers Ranked 2nd.

3. Mombai India;s Drivers Ranked 3rd 

4. Kolkata India ‘s drivers Ranked 4th

5. Lagos Nigeria’s Driver Ranked 5th

The report also says that the least incidents of street fights and drivers’ bitterness occurred in Calgary Canada, Dubai and Ottawa Canada. and Pakistan Capital Islamabad.

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