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"Where Eagles Dare"

That is the name of a movie that I watched and enjoyed it This post has nothing to do with that movie but it is about  an eagle that dared to precariously balance on our water tank. 

Precariously perched on our water tank which is at a pretty high level was this eag;e. Our dear Preiti alerted me with her bark. I was amazed at our pet’s observation. I followed her eyes and there I spotted this bird.I rushed for my camera and was glad to see that it had not budged from that place. I got the picture and here it is. They look for their prey – mostly smaller birds. I do hear the shriek of birds sometimes and then I know we have eagles around. Eagles  are not friendly. No bird is seen around it. I sometimes see a fight between the eagle and crows.

I remember when I was a kid one eagle had dropped a chicken right into our compound. We nurtured it and it survived although we had to hand feed it as it had a broken beak.

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