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When volcanic ashes blanketed our town

It was unannounced that the Taal volcano will be erupting. I guess the government’s volcanologists are caught sleeping that people were surprised of the sudden eruption. First is the ashes that came out of the volcano’s crater by mid afternoon. The spewing was so great that before evening the volcanic ashes started to reach towns that are 100 kilometers away.

It was like a sprinkling of tiny black confetti that we had to seek cover to save our scalp from those sulphuric granules. Over the night, the sprinkling continued that the morning gave us a hideous sight – everywhere is black, covered by the volcanic ashes. That may be the wrath of nature that we have to endure since we cannot prevent it.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I wonder who found this post funny and used the lol emoticon.
    Sorry, you have to face nature’s fury so often. Your country and Indonesia bear the brunt of nature’s fury and suffer so much.

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