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When our mouth is silent, the mind continues to speak…

Usually one does not know how to be completely silent. When our mouth is silent, the mind continues to speak. We seem to be silent, but our mind, like a magical pot, is constantly stirring the porridge of thoughts.

Most thoughts are unpleasant, but we don’t know how to get rid of them. Nobody taught us that. They only taught us to start thinking, ”Start thinking finally. Turn on the mind.” But those who taught us how to start that machine don’t know how to turn it off or at least pause. And we need it much more than we can understand right now. This causes most people’s problems and conflicts.

To learn really to remain silent, without thought, just to rest from all the noise of unnecessary information, we must learn to speak consciously, to listen to what we are saying, to comprehend if what we are saying is true. Learn to speak the truth, learn to speak consciously, speak what we feel!

In the long run, we will learn to be silent without thoughts. This is the most real rest from all the hustle and bustle. This is the greatest gift.

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