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When it is getting too cold

In a tropical country like ours, we have a warm weather 10 to 11 months in a year. That is reason why the electric fan is an important appliance at home. For the offices, the air conditioner is a must and that’s also present in the homes of wealthy families. Compared to the countries with cold climate, the tropical place is so much better.

But when the cold spell hits us, the cold may be brutally cold for people like me that has a low resistance to the cold weather. My skin would be itchy and scratching would be automatic that sometimes the scratches would produce small wounds on the skin. The common cold is also prevalent during the cold season. In short, we have no heater here that it is like being punished when there is a cold spell.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I grew up with harsh winters. When I moved to Jerusalem our winters were milder compared to what I grew up with. Where I grew up I thought winter would never end and summer would never come. Here I know winter ends and spring or summer do come.We have nice weather usually till December. This year it was very weird. We had nice days in December and also in January. December and January usually are cold months here. We need both a heater and fan. There are those that have A/C but we do not.

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