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My fellow Virily writers, this professional writer is talking to you and me today because we are writers because we do what writers the world over do, we live like writers we walk through life, paying attention, to details and seeing many things.

She writes, that she saw a homeless woman today, taking a paper plate and putting cat food on it and putting it out on a stone wall, and from all-around came swarms of homeless cats. That’s the kind of thing that you and I notice, as well the many other little details of life, we pay attention to. We all collect those details, that eventually makeup, the stories of our lives, the ideas of our lives, and as writers we don’t just live uniquely,  also write uniquely.

 We at Virily all know that writing starts with planning, and with thinking that, the content we are going to make will become the best story, essay or editorial that we can possibly write and we mull over one possibility and another in our minds before we even begin to write, putting little scratches down on paper or on an electronic Notepad. And then, when we begin, we write our drafts fast and furious, writing up a storm just like the author of this tutorial does, and like writers the world over do, and then, just like writers the world over, we know that it’s important to pause and to revise. Here is the video where, if you will listen with enthusiasm, you will discover what quality, worth its weight in “GOLD” when applied, will set your content apart from the rest and ultimately, turn you and me into real writers.



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  1. Yes, making notes about everyday small experiences certainly helps to give us writing fodder.

    Like today, there was a big sign in the lift, that because of COVID, only 4 people were allowed to travel in it together.

    The lift was supposed to go up to the rooftop carpark, the button that we pushed, but for some reason, it had a life of its own, and went down to pick up the wheelchaired old lady in the basement first, and her carer.

    There were 3 in the lift, now there were 5. (one more than the four allowed)

    Nobody said anything, and we all went up to the roof then together.

    Who would have the toughness to tell the carer to catch the next lift, eh, an exception sometimes overrules a rule, eh??

    A nice little episode in my life today.

    Of course, if I was the thoughtful one, I could have gotten off, in the basement myself, so all would have been legit, but then I like to just stick around, and watch these events, from the side, rather than influence them myself.

    Technically, they should not have gotten on, but who wants to be too technical about these things, all of the time.

    • What a wonderful real-life story you have witnessed and recorded here. Unfortunately, your great human drama will now be limited to only those who comment on this page. Might I suggest, you copy and post this incredible content for all to see, my friend? It is certainly worth it.

      • It’s ok. You have read it. I get these types of stories quite often.

        Another example is today, we were driving home from the shops, and my wife said something about a reddy rose. She is from another culture, so I always have a bit of trouble getting her exact messages to me.

        When I asked her again what she was talking about, ( I thought that she was meaning that there was a nice red rose in a nearby garden, that she had just noticed, as we drove by a house, with it, in its garden ).

        But, it turned out that we had just driven past a hot chicken store, named “ready roasts”, and it was this that she was referring too.

        She has trouble pronuncing full words, ending with the letter “t”, and she had cut the word short, not even saying the “t”, so, I heard “rose,” not “roast”…lol…

        • That’s so cute! Man, you just caused a salivation-deluge with that ready roast ad your wife saw. I genuinely have not had a slice of roast anything for a heck of a while now,(years). with the kids gone, my wife and I just would not do it justice. The best we can come up with would be a whole roast chicken and even that becomes two-three meals. (lol)

          • Yes, I miss my own Mum’s roasts too. My wife mainly only cooks rice and Asian dishes, not roast potatoes, pumpkin, gravy, and roasts…I guess we all miss our own Mum’s cooking though, for one reason, or another.

    • Ileana, you jest of course! What do you call the thousands of words you have been putting on your Virily pages? That my dear friend is called writing. We cannot all be a Tolstoy or a Dostoyevsky neither should we be. What made them so great? The people who could identify with the hardships of life, real people reading stories about themselves. The readers made them great! They want to hear about the real problems in life they face ever day and how the writer gives them solutions. What about your God-given talent, photography? Sorry, my dear, I don’t believe you. 🙂


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