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What is true friendship?


Strong like a stone, like a centuries-old oak, deep-seated in the dark earth, like unmoving mountains in the distance, supporting heavy clouds with their peaks.

Fragile like thin glass, old granny’s crystal glasses, like tiny raindrops, like light dune sand slipping between fingers.

Delighting as the long-awaited unexpected first ray of sun after a long grueling winter, as an unexpected trip to a distant dreamland, like a compliment from a charming stranger.

Faithful as old childhood diaries dusting in the secret farthest corner of the closet, as a pet who, who does not forget to make us happy every time we come home as if he had seen us several months ago.

Gentle like the warm first breeze of spring, slowly moving the first stalks of grass, like the gaze and smile of a young child without any secret intentions.

True friendship. That’s why we want to give love and smiles, joy and hugs, attention and sincerity to true friends. That’s why we do not hesitate to waste our time or efforts on them.

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  1. my thinking on this.

    There are those that earn our trust but lose it.
    There are those who never earn our trust.

    There are those that earn our trust and keep it.
    those are the ones I cherish when they earn my trust and work hard to keep it!

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