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What happens to women during menopause?

The menopause, women have to reach such an age in which menstrual process stop and she can not be naturally pregnant. In a growing age, the menopause is a natural process, which is between 45 to 55 years, but this process can be stop shortly by surgery as well.

The special reason for this natural change is hormones especially estrogen named hormone and it is very important for a monthly reproduction period. Every month the reproductive period of women is something

After getting the egg done in Polycystic ovary, it come out and then the thickening of the womb walls increases, so that they get ready to accept this fertile egg. But as women grow older, the eggs stored in their body are reduced and automatically menstrual and pregnancy process stop.

The production of hormone estrogen in the bone of women decreases gradually. The production of hormone estrogen in the Ovaries of women decreases gradually and this hormone controls this reproductive process.

But all these changes do not come right away, It can take several years to decrease this hormone and then when it gets down then its quantity does not change.


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  1. I was laughing at the comment of Lado. He probably mistyped the words. Well, I am on this stage. I’m 46 and I am suffering from hot flashes. But it’s bearable and I don’t want to take medicine. I’ll just wait for this to pass.

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