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What do children think of elf "Jinn"?

The presence of invisible creatures still a secret that has not been solved to date, and Nor does there seem to be a solution to this problem because the elf,  “Jinn” the ghost, is not visible to the human eye.

TV Channel History conducted a survey about the presence of elf “Jinn”, Ghost and Alien in which school students and their parents questioned the existence of invisible creatures. 1000 children in the survey were asked questions about the presence of aliens, elf “Jinn”, ghosts or other creatures. 32% of the children believed that there was an invisible creature on our planet.

About 10 % of the children who participated in the survey said not only about the presence but also that they feared such creatures, while 23% of the children showed no interest in answering the questions. The survey also asked children the questions they had in mind, This found one thing came up that there are some questions that all children ask their parents.

Children ask their parents where they come from, where do Space Creatures Live , ghost, jinn. elf , aliens etc ?, why can’t we see elf, jinn ? Who suggested the names of the items found in the world? Where do the fairies live?

The survey also revealed that father try to satisfy their children by answering questions, as compared to their mother.

  • Have you ever seen any elf “Jinn” Ghost, Fairy, aliens ?

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