Celeb Psychic Channels Corey Haim

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Celeb psychic channels Corey Ian Haim. This Canadian actor was born on December 23, 1971 and he died on March 10, 2010. He was a child actor during the eighties. I wasn’t familiar with him, but I remember he was Corey Feldman’s friend.

He loved his mother. But there “Gargoyles planted around LA in a circle.”  There was a dark energy in the industry that wouldn’t let him move freely. I think it is another way of saying he was controlled. He was brutalized on the set of Lucas by Charlie Sheen.  Corey Feldman was his frenemy. There were friends but there was jealousy. Feldman was jealous of Haim.

Haim is now a “spirit chaperone for kids in the industry.” He felt dead a long time ago, before he actually died, because he lived a childhood trauma of being shamed, violated, and abused. Corey Feldman was also abused. Corey Feldman manipulated and messed with Haim’s mind. Haim wasn’t gay. He often plays tricks on Corey Feldman to make him lose his mind.

(this reminds me of the movie, Ghost). 


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