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'Aliens are reality !

The British astronaut has claimed that aliens are reality and there are possibilities,that they are also present in the land. Helen Sherman is the first British astronaut to orbit the moon with a space mission. She recently gave interviews and sparked a new debate around the world.

Helen said, “There is no doubt that aliens are there and they are living on billions of stars. The life of the creatures on each star is different from the other, but they are also living like us. 

She said that ‘aliens are not capable of producing carbon and nitrogen like humans, but it is possible that they have something other than that which the human eye cannot see. 

Helen said in her interview that the way aliens are living like humans, In view of this, it can be said that they can be found on earth or soon they will reach our planet. We can also imagine that sex is also found in space creatures.

Be clear that Sharman, who is 56 years old, made history in May 1991 by circling space with a Russian station.

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