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What color do you think I am? ~ The first flower on my terrace

Today I decided to combine the two challenges (Black and White Friday and What Color Do You Think I Am?).

Geraniums are considered to be one of the oldest and most popular balcony plants. We already know more than 250 species, and the most common come from Africa. They came to Europe in the 18th century, first to England, from where they spread throughout Europe. Geraniums have a varied form of growth, different flowers, as well as leaves. They are considered reliable and very undemanding plants, disease problems are rare. They bloom from April to October. They are modest and adore a sunny position. Their advantage is that they need much less water than other balcony plants. We water them sparingly, but then really abundantly so that the water flows into the pedestal.

  • What color do you think I am?

    • blue
    • purple
    • scarlet
    • red


What do you think?

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