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What color do you think I am? ~ Magnificent amaryllis

Today I decided to combine the two challenges (Black and White Friday and What Color Do You Think I Am?).

Amaryllis is one of the few houseplants that blooms in winter with its large trumpet-shaped flowers.

Professional gardeners know that the amaryllis we buy in florists and garden centers actually belongs to the genus Hippeastrum. Dozens of representatives of this genus grow in the tropics of Central and South America, while the true amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna) originates from South Africa. But for us laymen, it will be enough to talk about a knight star or amaryllis.

On a long, hollow, bare stem, usually longer than 30 cm, the amaryllis bears two to six flowers, trumpet-shaped. The flowers are fiery red, pink, salmon-colored, orange, and white, sometimes multicolored or with colored veins.

  • What color do you think I am?

    • red
    • yellow
    • white
    • pink


What do you think?

Written by vidocka


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  1. should i be hurt that once again my color wasn’t on the list? 🙂

    it’s probably good because this time you tried to trick me by having a picture of a deck of cards instead of a flower.

    Ha – caught you in the act 🙂

    The deck of cards is a nice cerulean blue by the by!


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