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Wet Vinca – Themes By The Month

This photo of the peach colored vincas or periwinkles in my garden was taken last month when it rained incessantly.

These blooms are under partial shelter so they were not washed out like the other plants. I love the color of these vinca blooms.  I had some other exotic color but none of them came back  despite sowing a good number of seeds. Vincas come in  a huge variety of colors and shades.

Purple vinca was one of my favorites, but I haven’t been able to get these plants from the garden shops here for some reason. Apparently no one cares for Vincas or that is what the nursery owners tell me.

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Written by Dawn


    • I collected differnt colors of vinca and lantana but currently I have only a deep pink , red and this one with me. The peach has become a regular in my garden.