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Western Parenting Style – Qualities and Flaws

Have you ever thought of parenting as a father? Even if you haven’t thought of it, your usual idea is that parenting is what makes kids grow up, feed, dress, and send to school! It may also be that you sometimes think that  parent’s job is something more than that and then you can include it to fulfill your child’s wishes.

For psychologists, education and child development specialists, parents are not only responsible for feeding, and dressing, rather, parenting is a name for accepting more responsibilities which parents usually try to avoid

In this article we will look at Western parenting styles to see what is parenting in western world ?

Western Parenting – Qualities and Interesting key Points.

  • In Western parenting, parents are convinced to give their child more freedom which allows children to grow up as independent and creative individuals.
  • Western parenting focuses on the individuality and expression of the child and for this,they efforts to create an independent and cooperative environment.
  • In western parenting children are treated like big and wise individuals and at the same time, they are given a lot of freedom in decision making.
  • In decision making, children learn things directly from life experiences and also develop a mindset to understand the consequences of these decisions.
  • Striving to make a future beyond medical, engineering and technology .this allows the child to be free to choose a field that matches their interests, nature and abilities.
  • An interesting aspect of Western parenting is to provide a supportive environment for children to ‘speak’ Psychologists say it reduces emotional and psychological problems in children, Freedom in the choice of things increases the proportion of happiness.
  • Western parenting focuses heavily on ‘trusting oneself’ in children and strives to provide children with mentally and emotional comfort.

Western parenting – Flaws :-

  • The Mindset of Excessive Freedom Prevents Parents from Attachment to Children, Kids get more attached to friends, screens and other things more than parents.
  • In decision making, unnecessary freedom makes children disobedient of parents and For children, parental feedback becomes unnecessary and ‘old-fashioned’.
  • Parents overly politeness, children are not only slow, but also unattractive and undisciplined.
  • Children develop a mindset of ‘me, mine and me’ and become over confident and cross the limit of confidence.
  • Soft parenting styles often result in children taking advantage of their freedom and as a result, the likelihood of involvement in future social and dangerous crimes increases.

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