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Eastern Parenting Style – Qualities and Flaws

When we look at the parenting styles of the West and the East, there are some key differences. Most of the difference, however, is due to specific intellectual frameworks (such as our ability to think, analyze, and decide) culture, needs, available sources, and many other, but not invisible factors. ۔

Eastern parenting Qualities !

  • In the Eastern style, parents establish a deep bond with children with compassion and warmth, but the primary passion in this regard is the protection of children
  • The focus of Eastern parents is on providing moral, values and emotional support to their children, this support plays a role just like backbone of children through life.
  • An important quality of the Eastern parenting style is that it protects children from problems and difficult situations. For this, parents strive to provide an ideal child-friendly environment.
  • Eastern parents make the most of their children’s lives or make decisions themselves and decide for themselves what is right for the children.
  • Eastern parents are always ready to spend more time and money for their children’s education and also usually manages extra tuition classes.

Eastern parenting Flaws !

  • Excessive protection keeps children away from real life experiences, especially experiences that can improve their decision making and problem solving abilities and create positive mindsets.
  • Unnecessary security environments do not allow children the ability to cope with real-life challenges.
  • Excessive parental pressure causes psychological problems in children
  • The absence of free decision-making allows children to lose their ability to make decisions on important occasions.
  • The family life and career pattern in childhood habits become so firmly rooted in life and career that they begin to prefer easy and convenient work, leaving every difficult path and task.
  • Eastern parents strive to keep their children ‘Child’ throughout life even as kids get older, one of the causes of problems in the family is that the parents consider the child’ to be a child forever.
  • So much attention is paid to the academic that children are not able to focus on mental acuity (intelligence, speed decision making, etc.) and physical strength (exercise, sports, etc.) The disadvantage is that children have to suffer from poor health and mindfulness throughout their lives.

Remember, no matter what parenting style you are following , It is important that in life you set goals and goals for yourself and your children, you should adopt Eastern parenting or Western parenting, Or a combination of the two should take a new approach.

Western Parental style will be share by tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like I was raised with Eastern parenting tendencies. ? (It wasn’t a long time ago.)
    Being the only child and a smart kid, my parents were overly protective and had expectations. Thankfully I was given more freedom compared to the Eastern standard, “choose whatever you want to do, but *insert high paying job* would truly make you happy”.
    Kids with a similar background as mine shared similar experiences, while other kids were raised in a more “Western manner”.
    The best way would probably be somewhere in between. The Eastern parenting qualities I appreciate the most are those that have to do with morals, values such as respect and politeness. Those that often lack in Western parenting, especially these days.

  2. Hmm.. parents are parents. they love and nurture children all over the world. Eastern parents may overdo this a bit. But there are exceptions everywhere.

  3. Temper this with balance, children need emotional support, which some parents don’t give, saying that moody codling…Yet to smother a child with taking away decision making has serious repercussions.