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Wednesday Shadows – inner state

Every moment we create paradise or hell. And the distance between these states is just one thought.

In a single thought, we can lift ourselves up and the same we can fall down. Your body can be resting comfortably on a bed, and your inside may be surrounded by stormy winds. The unpleasant experience may be filling our heads, reminding us of themselves and bringing the same feelings back to the surface.

And the heart shakes unrelentingly against seeing any shimmering shadow…

It is very difficult for the mind to be at peace. Mind as a small child, not properly engaged, causes chaos in our heads. In this case, we need to help ourselves as quickly as possible and employ it as meaningfully as possible. This will bring peace back and you will stop shuddering from any shades you see.

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  • Do you believe that our thoughts can change our inner state?

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  1. Yes, our thoughts can probably change our inner states, I would say, but only if we either awarely allow them to do so, or if unawarely, we take them on board, automatically so.

    I think we do have the ability to prevent thoughts from ruling us completely, but it is hard to do so, when a thought is linked to a strong feeling.

    Other thoughts then rise up to support the original thought.

    We know that smoking is bad for us, for example.

    We have those thoughts in us telling us so, but then feelings take over, and generate other thoughts, such as I feel tense, I am short-tempered with others, when I do not smoke.

    Another cigarette won’t hurt. I will definitely cut down tomorrow.

    So, I think the end result of all this is that our thoughts almost always automatically affect us, if we are not aware of them doing this, and so choose to circumvent the process from happening routinely/automatically in ourselves for us.

    If we can control our thoughts, we can choose to take on board only those thoughts that will grow us, not hinder us in our life.

    • Oh, it would be great if we all could control what we think. So many times, when I fail something, I thought all the time what the loser I am if fail and could not rid off such thoughts, they were constantly in my head making me feel worse and worse.

      But, on the other hand, being not a weak person, I finally could overcome and exactly those bad thoughts make me fight for success.

      But what would happen if a person continues to think he is a loser? He would stay a loser forever. People without strong self – confidence would suffer from their thoughts even more.

      • Yes, it is very hard to control our thoughts, and where they are taking, or leading us to.

        I have not been able to overcome some of my own thinking patterns either.

        They sometimes go on for years, directing my life in certain patterns, that I seem unable to totally change.

        You raise an interesting point about self-confidence.

        What is self-confidence, what part of us does it come from, what about ego, what about motivation, enthusiasm, depression, and other states of our mind, are they more than just thought created, or driven?

        I would posit that when we are born, our mind is linked to our heart completely, by the love in our heart (in other words, we are innocent babes, born with a clean slate, so to speak) being the only energy powering our mind, and our thoughts, at this stage.

        Then, later on, though, we start to develop our world views in our mind, separating us from our heart.

        These views instil other patterns into our mind other than love.

        These are emotions, without love’s total quality, so they are less than love, like fear.

        Instead of these risen emotions being only passing flights of “observededness”, they then become instead permanent states of our mind. (i.e. When we feel sad, we should feel it for a while, then let it go, not allow it to affect our lives by becoming fixed states in us, colouring our very lives with themselves then too)

        Things like anger become depression, negativity becomes a lack of confidence, and lack of warm connection to others leads to selfishness and large egos instead, for example.

        Yes, having awareness of what is going on, by not being weak, but by having the strength to self-examine ourselves is perhaps the first step to changing these debilitating patterns and rigidly set ways of thinking in us.

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