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Wednesday Shadows – calm down in the shadows

I adore taking photos of nature – I feel like we are hungry for laziness, dancing in the meadows when the grass is tickling your legs, running barefoot, swimming, fooling around, and liberating ourselves from the frames of perfection.

Humans who flee with wolves; creators forgetting how to release playfulness – how we want to feel life flowing to the fingertips!

Maybe I shouldn’t speak for all the humans, but still, our minds calm down in the shadow of a giant oak tree or hearing the screams of winches.

Now I can no longer imagine how to live in a big city between racing, all the temptations of consumption, cars, and asphalt. I was so afraid of losing my social life, and I found myself and a quality presence and much more time and financial freedom to do what I always wanted.

We are from nature, from the dust of the stars, from the water – just forgetting it, and surrounded ourselves with things and trivia. How good to take away all that burden of materiality and fly in the moonlight like on a broom!

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