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Sunday Sky – I feel spring outside

Today was a wonderful day! Today, I wanted to smile so much, chatter incessantly and for no reason, go down the street with a dance step, and sing the melody behind my thoughts. Today looked like a true spring, sprinkled with warm sunlight and a large pinch of fresh air. Spring, which I have been looking forward to so much. By the calendar, it is still winter, but outside we have a true spring already.

Sometimes, in order to feel joy, you have to decide that you will feel happy, smile, and share smiles with everyone around you. From that hour and that minute, from now on, you will throw all bad thoughts away and hints of how bad the world is and how everything around looks gloomy and dark. Let everything melt together with the last snowstorms on the sidewalks, let it drain nowhere and never come back again.

Go outside, absorb all the sun, all the freshness, all the spring feeling, all the blues of clouds, and then late at night, when the blue sky is hiding in the blinding darkness, then don’t forget to come here and read some posts.

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