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We do not realize that we are in a hurry

How to do better? How to make more money? How to take care of children … these things always make us very tired, but they are what constitute the meaning of life.

When a person can’t find a job that can make me try and make an effort, they will easily become anxious, anxious, impatient and start to doubt the meaning of their own life, feeling they are very helpless. use, no achievements.

In order to counteract those feelings, we will hurry to make ourselves “busy”, pretending that our life is great, I am very hardworking and hard-working. Rushing to work, rushing home to take care of the children, hurriedly go to meetings … even go to the street to rush red lights.

In this process, we are in a hurry not only because of the upcoming things that are really urgent but just to ease our doubts about ourselves and our lives. We pretend to keep ourselves busy, doing so we will no longer have to think too much about life.

  • Are you living in such a hurry?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Should we slow down?

    • Yes
    • No

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  1. I walk fast. It’s not because I’m in a hurry. I’ve just always walked fast. My kids always tell me to slow down. I’m like WHY? This is my natural way of walking. LOL. Other than walking fast, I take life slow, one day at a time.

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