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Using Leftovers – KFC Chicken

No matter what I always end up with leftovers and I will admit that I am not fond of eating the same meal the next day, so I reinvent it.

Being a caregiver I often as him hat would he like for dinner instead of just fixing food he does not feel like eating, Yesterday he chose KFC if there was money for it, there was so I got a 10 piece bucket cheaper than two small meals, so there would be leftovers.

Today, I made wraps using spinach wraps, You will need :

Left over chicken

2 spinach wraps



Black pepper

Here is what I did:

Removed the chicken from the bone, I had breast left over, and cut in cubes.

I sliced lettuce in thin strips.

Let`s build it :

I applied a coat of mayo to the middle of the wrap.

Added the sliced lettuce

Topped with chicken, 1/2 of the meat on each wrap.

Sprinkled with black pepper.

Flipped one end up and then folded over one side and rolled.

And that is how I make a meal from last nights dinner.

By Andria Perry

Photos Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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