5 reasons why Biden's success and Trump's failure

Joe Biden, 77, an eye-opener in a working class family, is set to become the 46th president of the United States after a tough contest. 

Despite Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in the national referendum, the election has been tough. But the newly elected US President and his team overcame all difficulties in the third attempt for the US presidency and finally won an unbeaten victory.

Even today, however, everyone is interested to know what are the reasons that led to the failure of Donald Trump and the appointment of the son of a Car seller to the US presidency. This report lists five key reasons for Biden’s success.

British experts blame the global epidemic 19 for Biden’s success.

According to him, after the loss of 230,000 lives in the United States due to the corona virus, a great change has taken place in the life and politics of the Americans.  As Donald Trump himself acknowledged, he did so while addressing a Wisconsin rally in the last days of his campaign.

“Everything is COVID COVID.

A Pew Research survey on global epidemic asked which American candidate did the American people trust most? The results show that the American people are 17% more satisfied with Biden’s performance than Trump. Not only that, but the Gallup poll this summer also saw a 38% drop in Trump’s public popularity due to COVID 19. Experts say that was the main reason why Biden took advantage of the situation and won the presidency.

Biden’s limited publicity

Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has been hailed as a person who puts himself in trouble with words.Joe Biden’s defeat in the 1987 presidential campaign was also due to his reckless talk.

Biden’s controversial remarks came during his third attempt to run for president in 2020, but did not draw much attention to short-term issues. This time around, however, Biden’s campaign strategy team realized that Biden’s publicity was limited, which made the campaign run smoothly.

Biden’s fortunes can be attributed to other major issues, such as the outbreak of World Epidemic 19, the protests following the death of George Floyd, and the economic downturn that have garnered more public attention.

The strategic against Trump:

Biden’s victory was also the focus of his campaign on the assumption that Democrat Joe Biden repeatedly campaigned to convince the American people that Trump was a divisive and provocative figure. On the contrary, the American people need a calm, stable leadership. So Biden sent an inspiring message to the American people that “he is not Trump.”

Moderate strategy

Joe Biden, a left-leaning Democrat, pursued a moderate strategy of rejecting government healthcare, free colleges and wealth taxes, despite intense pressure from liberals. That is why Biden soon gained popularity among moderate voters. On the other hand, Biden also managed to get the votes of young voters through his campaign-related aspects of the environment and climate change prevention.

Strong financial position

Although the financial position of Joe Biden’s campaign team was volatile earlier this year, But since April, the team has stepped up its fundraising efforts, and according to a British report, the financial position of Joe Biden’s campaign improved in early October compared to Trump’s. Because at the time, Biden’s campaign team had  144 million more than Trump’s team. This surplus also led to the victory of Democratic Joe Biden in a tough contest against Republican Donald Trump.

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