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Steve Wynn's $400 million worth elbow

In real , the property and wealth earned by Steve Wayne was all gained from casino earned money, but in America, he is considered the king of the real estate world, Not only that, he is also the fan of fine art and a great admirer of art and culture.

Everyone knows the real reason for his real estate business and art passion, that is, he has done all this to protect himself from the clutches of illegal and illegally collected wealth and the law. Steve Wynn is also known for buying artists artifacts from around the world. He buys any creative thing at any cost and transfers it to his art gallery.Until a few years ago, artist Pablo Picasso’s famous painting was also the adornment of his art gallery.

It’s 2006 when Steve Wynn’s businessman wished to buy this masterpiece and Steve Wynn agreed. The deal was settled and one evening with some of his friends he was standing near the same painting at the aspiring Steve Wayne’s Art Gallery.  Their subject matter was Pablo Picasso, his art and painting which was not owned by Steve Wayne a few hours later, but an accident overturned their intentions and desires.

During the conversation, Steve Wayne, near the painting, suddenly retreated and moved his elbow with such force. as if he had fallen into this picture and had holes in it.

The painting deal became canceled at that time. The media took Steve Wynn’s story and titled him that $400 million worth elbow and conveyed the details to the audience. The richest man and art appreciator was mocked across America.

Experts, at the will of Steve Wynn, restored the artwork to the original condition and re-painted the gallery. The interesting thing is that a few years later, in 2013, Steve Wayne sold the same craft several times more costly than the previous deal at the hands of a same businessman.

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