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US businessman rent a home on $ 2 million to escape the Coronavirus

Richest people of the new york, moving to temporary shelters away from human, after Coronavirus kills thousands of people. A businessman has rented a safe house away from New York, which is worth US $ 3 million per month rent. 

New York textile-related billionaire has rented a magnificent home on Long Island two hours’ drive from New York, where rich people usually go for holidays.

Although the area is not protected from the Corona virus epidemic, there is a wide lawn where they can hide, and the town is named Bridge Hampton, where they will live in a big house until September this year. This is because their families in Manhattan are feeling overwhelmed by their families and want to get out of town, where fast deaths are occurring. The new house has 10 rooms, 15 bathrooms as well as a very spacious lawn and swimming pool.

In addition, there is a tennis court, library, hot bath, bowling room, nightclub, 10-seat movie theater, and 11 acres of land on the sides. People like Justin Bieber stayed here too.

Be clear In New York, the Corona virus-infected population is more than 40,000, and so far more than 10,000 have died. New York accounts for five percent of all COVID- 19 deaths worldwide.

  • Will this save the people from COVID-19 ?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Obviously they have no place to put all the money they have. Will it save them most likely but boy to spend all that money. I would like to tell this guy that is he could spare it to send me $3 and I would be set for the rest of my life.

  2. Hilarious! Some people really do think money is the cure-all for everything. Those rich folks still have to eat. They still want their maids. They probably have pets. There are so many ways for coronavirus to get at them. Not to mention what would happen if they didn’t have Internet access or phone service. Who would they call? How would they call? Carrier pigeons? Not to mention they might need to see a doctor for non-coronavirus related illnesses. Anyway! Once the pandemic is over they could always sell the house. Most real estate is a good investment.


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