Trump escalate tension with WHO over COVID-19.

The World Health Organization rejects President Trump’s allegations of bias, saying that threatening to withhold funding in a critical situation like the Corona virus epidemic is inappropriate behavior.

The WHO’s director general’s counsel rejected the statement of US President Donald Trump, saying that the WHO is a neutral organization that has equally helped other countries suffering from the Corona virus, including China. President Trump’s statement in this regard is a denial of facts.

Dr. Bruce Aylward condemned President Trump’s threat to stop funding, saying the world is dealing with a dangerous virus, and it is not time to stop funding, but to strengthen each other’s hands.

The World Health Organization’s Director General’s Advisor expressed concern over growing cases of the Corona virus in Europe, saying that the governments of these countries should take strong and concrete measures against the Corona virus and take all kinds of precautionary measures.

President Trump accused the World Health Organization of being attract toward China, saying that decisions and actions were taken slowly to stop the spread of the Corona virus, which caused the global outbreak.

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  1. WHO has been dubiously cozy with Communist China Party. America has every right to know where our tax money is going. Thanks to President Trump that finally he’s looking into this matter. WHO should be very worried and get it right with the people of USA.

  2. Somehow, I blame WHO for their lateness in declaring the disease outbreak a pandemic when the disease has spread to many countries. But again, it doesn’t make sense for Tump to stop the funding. At this stage, pointing fingers won’t help in anything.

      • Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think I have seen you make one positive statement about President Trump, and that is great, everyone, at least in the United States, is allowed to share their opinions until it turns into hate speech. (I have no idea where you are from and what the standards might be there.)

        It seems like everyone could stop the finger-pointing and work together. Everyone has made mistakes and everyone will make mistakes in the future. We are all only human.

        As I watched the clips again I am not even certain the decision has been made. Perhaps judging people and ideas isn’t extremely helpful right now. In the end, I guess he holds the power to do what as he sees fit. The citizens can take the votes and put them somewhere else if they feel they should.

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