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We grow our own turmeric and process it to obtain turmeric powder.  I had picked up a single plant from my mother’s garden years ago.  That one plant produced a clump of rhizomes which I separated and planted them. Today I get enough turmeric for our daily needs and I also gift the powder to family and friends. I keep aside some rhizomes each year for replanting. 

It takes about a year for turmeric to form and once the plants die, turmeric is dug out.  It is then cleaned thoroughly and boiled in water.  The boiled turmeric is then thinly sliced and put in the sun for drying It takes about a week for the turmeric to dry completely.  It is then powdered. 

We use turmeric in our daily cuisine. 

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  1. I put turmeric in our family’s food almost every day. I have not been successful in growing it yet, but I will try again if I can find some rhizome which has not undergone radiation. In addition to the dried powder, I use the fresh root like ginger, and I often use it to flavour my homemade ferments like kombucha.

    Do you have a special implement for peeling it, Grace, or you just use a knife? I can’t help losing a lot of the flesh when I peel using a knife.


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