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Home grown turmeric

I had picked up a rhizome of turmeric from my mother’s garden and planted it a few years ago. That year that one rhizome produced a huge cluster of turmeric which we divided into several pieces and planted them separately.  Once again we pulleld out all the turmeric that was produced by these rhizomes and once again repeated the process. 

 By now had a full row of turmeric plants and we decided it was time for us to process the turmeric that we had collected.  We kept aside a few rhizomes for replanting and the remaining was used for the process that would give us turmeric powder 

The rhizomes are thoroughly washed and boiled.  They are then cut into tiny pieces and dried in the sun.  Once they are fully dried and have become crisp they are put in the blender.  

The quantity of powder that we get is in the ratio of 1:20 where one is the powder and 20 the quantity of rhizomes that are used for processing. 

We use turmeric every day in our cuisine as it is packed with health properties. It is also used as a facial and to treat wounds. 

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  1. In my home town country, we don’t use turmeric that much.
    But now, living in my husband’s country I notice people here use Tumeric almost in every dish.