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What’s Hot for 2018: Whole Foods Predicts 5 Weird New Food Trends

Over the years, we have seen a number of superfoods and fun food trends. I can remember when we first heard about sushi and hummus. These foods were so foreign to us, and now they are in every grocery store. If I go even further back, there was a time when nobody in North America knew about pasta. Can you imagine growing up in a house where nobody had ever eaten spaghetti or lasagna?

Do you ever wonder what our children or grandchildren will be eating in 20 years? How the food trends will have changed, what foods would seem strange to us today but will be commonplace in a few decades.

I can’t see that far into the future, but I do believe I can see some of the food trends for the year 2018. This video names 5 weird foods that will be popular in the new year. Some, like the stem to root cooking, don’t surprise me. There were already signs of people thinking along those lines. Even so, I am still not sure how I feel about the engineered plant-based foods.

Would you eat any or all of these foods? Are there any you absolutely don’t want to try? If there are foods you think will also be hot in the coming year, please tell me what they are and whether you have eaten them before. Why do you think they will be a food trend for 2018?


What do you think?

Written by Blue Sailor


  1. Very interesting! The first one sounds quite weird, so I’m not looking forward to trying it. However, I’m already consuming most of these powders.
    Also, many people make nut milks and cream at home. In my opinion, they taste better than the store bought plant-based milk.

    • I think a lot of people are. I already like rosehip and hibiscus flavours in my tea, and I’ve had Turkish delight and other sweets flavoured with rosewater, so that one isn’t too big a stretch. I am not so keen on the powders, though.