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Training in progress

With the baby boom here at Solitaire there is this continuous activity where,  as the little ones come into this world the older ones get ready to train them.

Kittie came with Lolly when he was a little kitten.  Kittie produced Pinkie and Pinkie produced Munni  Kittie produced once again and brought Peppy into this world And now Kittie has produced yet another – we have not yet named her 

We are in a quandary and being animal lovers we have no option but to keep them all. 

  • Would you keep all those kittens as they keep increasing in number?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. That actually happened to us after we first moved to the country. Hubby talked a kitten down from a tree. We fed it and before we knew it a couple of years later, we had over 20 cats! I finally found homes for them, as many here have barn cats.

    Good luck!


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