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Top Worries We All Shared In 2019- MONEY AND THE FUTURE

Well as promised, that if folks were keen about finding out what we as the global population really worried badly about last year, I took some input from several sources.

I have decided to present each of the four main issues of concern, separately for two reasons, one is that, because I will pose questions and want to make use of the poll app and because in order to do justice to the sub-topics I require space for 783 words and polls can not accommodate that many words. The third and final reason is that even if it were possible to place the entire piece here people in the main, have a dislike for articles in excess of 400 to 500 words, max.

So, with that out of the way, here  are the 4 main concerns out of an average of 10, that people were most worried about:





I will conclude the series with a short article on possible solutions for all 4 of the problems. I have included a single link to my source for further reading.


The weird global weather anomalies have hit agriculture the hardest, which means, that we are all to some extent having to suffer the brunt of it. Whether it’s through debt incurred; worrying you won’t be able to cover all your bills next month, or fear about your financial security in the future – when you have kids or when you retire – financial insecurity is a major cause of stress. David Richards, a mental health services research professor at the University of Exeter in the UK points out that financial worries can take a heavy toll on your mental health, causing serious anxiety and impacting self-esteem.

But with this being the number one most common worry, rest assured, as I have said above, that almost everyone you know is in the same boat as you, and many are probably even worse off than you. The best thing you can do to assuage financial worries is to get a good handle on your actual financial situation and make a solid plan and budget. Often times, when you crunch the numbers and get a plan in place, the problem isn’t as big or as devastating as we’ve built it up in our minds.

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    • Thanks, Doc, appreciate it, I hope the other posts don’t disappoint. China is one huge conundrum all on its own. Is it true that they own most of the farms in Iowa? My buddy emigrated to the U.S. 6 years ago, and runs a trucking business, he says most of the produce out of Iowa, i.e. pork and Soy is being shipped directly to Beijing.


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