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To love life

To love life, first and foremost, is to see good and love: love for your neighbor, love for your grandmother or lonely animal… love for the whole world.

When you love everything that surrounds you, you can no longer see what is wrong. All the bad seems to be melting.

Loving, the man becomes good and his soul like ascends upwards, where light and good, where there is no hatred, lies, deceit.

You want to hug all with your loving heart and bring them into the light, so that all may feel the blessings of goodness and light.

© Fortune, 2009

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  1. i find it more often online than in person. It is easier when people hide behind a keyboard for them to say anything they want.

    Or take offense at the truth, rather than face it.

    I have learned to just move on. That no matter what I am not limited by what people say. Those who take offense, and then lash out rather than explain are the ones with issues. I prefer to let issues float away from me!

      • When you wind up being alone and the love of your life dies then it is sink or swim and so I had to be strong just to make it back to the US. Oh yes, to add insult to injury my darling cat Sid whom I carried through 3 airports seems to have become senile and has taken off to parts unknown leaving me totally alone once more SIGH

    • It looks you had a tight time, dear. What the hard-hearted people. I know some people prefer to stay alone in their pain, but usually, relatives still come or call and ask if you do not need anything. Especially when you lose the closest person. I remember one photo I saw in Bubblews from your post. There were you and your husband in the wintertime near your home(I guess). As you were only one from Latvia there I knew, to say, my neighbor, I remember it. So sorry for your loss, dear.

      • Now, of course, I have the memories. It was great that I did have the help of his daughter – my stepdaughter though who was a great help in cleaning out my house however, she of course, had her own life in a city about 45 minutes away and is left with a grandma on her mom’s side that is bedridden so all she did for me I can say at least hat’s off to her, She came and went as she had the time, Yeah, but relatives never heard from any of them,

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