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Time to change the closet for fall and winter

I confess that I hate changing my closet and sometimes I have summer and winter clothes living happily together in my closet. But this year I decided that I need to organize and tidy up my closet. I am following these rules:

Give what I never use – Look at your wardrobe and think about the pieces you haven’t used in over a year. Remember some? If they are not pieces for specific times of the year (formal wear, ski wear or costumes for Carnival and Halloween) consider donating them to those who need most or give to friends and family. If you also have clothes that no longer fit you, follow the same policy.

Get rid of the shoes that make my feet hurt – Admit it: your shoe locker is full of wonderful high-heeled shoes to wear to a special event or date, but it can’t take more than an hour on them. Truth? They may be great for a night out or a more classic coordinate, but the reality is that heels that hurt your feet can have negative spinal effects. Choose more comfortable options. Remember that elegance comes from within. Your feet thank you!

Let go of luxury items – On impulse, surely you have already spent a lot of money buying a suitcase or expensive clothes. We know that it is difficult to put aside a piece that has earned you a great investment, but if you have never used it or it is no longer for you, it is best to give it to someone to use it. Forgive yourself and learn from the mistake: before you buy, consider whether this purchase will be worth it in the future.

Say goodbye to lingerie I no longer wear – Sometimes underwear builds up and it is when you are cleaning up that you discover items you have not worn for a long time. If your forgetfulness is because you no longer like them or if they are no longer fit for use, throw them away. Break free from the old to let in the new!

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  1. As I am living in tropical country, we wear the same clothes almost throughout the whole year. I don’t really have problems organizing my closet, since I am not working and seldom going out, I only keep those clothes that I usually wear and a few dresses for special occasions.

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