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Thursday Reflections – Reflections after the rain

It rained in the last few days in Targoviste and puddles have appeared everywhere in the town. Puddles are very useful source for  interesting reflections.

Puddles do not have to be very large for such photos. However, you need to find a suitable angle, or better, a suitable photographic stationpoint to get an interesting composition. And I give you a tip( if you allow me) Place the camera as close as possible to the ground level. You will get incredible images.

Hello friends! I hope you have not forgotten that today was a day of reflections on Virily! This is my entry to Thursday Reflections Challange. 

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. That is the coolest reflection ever! I originally thought it was through a hole in a stone wall. Then I realized it was a reflection in a puddle.