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This is just a tip of the iceberg

The sun that visits us is restless.  It cannot stay in one place  What is shown in the photo are just a few of the countless positions that it takes each time it is seen here.

The most endearing is when it comes almost knocking at windows sometimes close to the dining section and sometimes knocking at the window next to the lounge. 

The scene near the dining window almost looks like it wants to join at breakfast. And we have to wear our cooling glasses. 

That is one thing I look forward to each morning capturing the sun in my camera excepting on days in rains.  We have great views from our terrace as well. 

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Written by grace


  1. I would love to be where you are right now but it is cold, wet and miserable in the UK at the moment. We have day after day of rain and many retirees move to warmer climates to avoid the cold and damp.