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This is Bugging Me here.

I love creating posts here so do all other users who are constantly creating new posts. I have started here somewhere end of last year and seen a lot of changes thereafter. Some changes are good for the site and some changes which create some discrepancy. Later some of these changes are removed later. These changes are a constant thing here and we have seen them regularly. Some changes we like and some we don’t. some people are really not liking it and express their anger from time to time.

With all of this, we still like it and continue with this. But one thing which is bugging me constantly from few months is that if you are a new user then your post goes through an approval process and nowadays you don’t know when your post will be approved.

Sometimes it took 2 days some time it took a week. This is now discouraging me and I am not posting continuously thinking when will my last post will be approved. It was not the case in the initial days and I am missing the efficient process of approval.

The number of new users are very less because of this reason. I hope they will come with an efficient process to approve the post for the user like us. That will be a good step for both the site and the user don’t you think so?

Hope This thing will reach to admin and they will take some step to rectify this.

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  • Don’t you think these process is keeping away new user for posting here?

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  1. It is annoying to wait a whole week. I remember those days. Theyve always taken from 3-5 days for approval. I have been here since the beginning. It would help if it only took a day let’s say. That would be perfect.

  2. they have always been slow on approvals. It has been an issue for more than 3 years.

    as for new users, they are currently not allowing new authors so the impact is not that big. It will be big when they open the site again.


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