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These Vincas came back on their own

Wild Vincas are the easiest plants to grow. Once you grow them they keep coming back. They act like weeds, self seeding themselves all over your garden . However, the cultivated Vincas act differently. The don’t grow as easily as the wild ones , the wilt and die when it gets too hot, the seeds don’t germinate so well even in perfect conditions.

However, if they have acclimatized themselves in your garden they also act like the wild Vincas. This purple periwinkle or vinca that I had grown at the end of last year has now come back on its own. I was happy to see it back. It could mean that it is here to stay. More color and flowers in my garden this summer.

Did you know that periwinkle  are used to treat many types of cancer. Vinca contains a group of alkaloids like vinchristine and vinblastine which are used in Chemotherapy.

It is said to improve cerebral blood flow, and helps in the treat high blood pressure.

Periwinkle is used in many traditional medicines.

In Ayurveda ( an Indian system of Medicine) it is used topically to treat wasp stings.

The Chinese use it to treat diabetes and malaria.

Jamaicans also use it to treat diabetes.

The plant is poisons if ingested in large quantities,  but they are medicinal when used in small quantities.

The poisonous nature of this plant has acquired the rosy vinca the name the flower of death.

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    Did you know that periwinkle is used to treat cancer?

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  1. the only volunteer plants we get are Dandelions!

    i remember driving through fields in Indiana, you would see 10 acres of Soybeans, there would always be 10-12 corn stalks rising up in the field. we called them volunteers!

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