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I don’t even know who said that but for now, it’s relevant to what I have to say. I didn’t know any of you writers before coming to this microcosm of humanity called Virily. We were mere ships passing in the night, and for the sake of the few, who don’t know the expression, it is said about two people who meet for a short time, share a few words, only to separate and continue on their way, never to see each other again. 

But then, along comes this brave company VIRILY and produces a great place to stopover, daily if we so wish and gradually we have become a unit, a group with common interests and interesting tales to tell. Thank you Virily admin for that.

I realize as clearly as anyone, that “Houston has a problem” and we are in dire need of repairs. In spite of these glitches and bugs, I like it here and I want to say thank you to one and all for caring to read what I write and while we who are reading this, spare a thought for those who started the journey with us in January, but did not make it to December of 2019 and may we send or prayers to their loved ones who have to continue without them. 

My prayer for you is this, may the measuring lines of your life fall only into sweet places in the days before you, Yes, may your final heritage be a beautiful one. 


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  1. That is the last thing I would do here I have moved on and that is how everyone should. Exposting those who are responsible for ruining the peace of users is not the right way as far as I am concerned. It is between two users and it should be that way I am not interested in carrying on with this interaction. Bye for now

  2. Virily is where I spend most of my time. After a few issues particularly with one user I have learnt the art of getting along and I am doing fine Move away from those or that which gets you in an unpleasant wordy warfare is my way of going about here.

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